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September 27, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Mermaid Directory

aurore3Where Can I Find a Mermaid?

Mermaids are rare and exciting creatures, always sought after and rarely found in the wild.  The International Mermaid Directory is designed as a list of mermaids who are ready to be found and observed at a location near you!  

Not only does this Directory List Mermaid and Merman performers Fairies and Mermaid artists but we also provide resource information for how to become a Mermaid, where to find a Mermaid Tail Maker and with our Mer-Calendar the International Mermaid Directory will list all of the Mermaid festivals, swims, gatherings and events throughout the world. (You can list any event that falls under the categories offered on the International Mermaid Calendar easily and for free).

IMG_234361649526285This project of listing Mermaids was begun because of the apparent difficulty of locating and securing real life Mermaids!  If you have ever personally looked for a Mermaid or Merman, you know how hard it is to find a real one to perform at your event, birthday party or in your Mermaid Related Venue or Bar.  

Many of the Mermaids listed on our Directory of Mermaids are professionals and will come to your location to make it a special and unique event! Searching the International Mermaid Directory is easier than trying to look in the Yellow pages, searching Facebook, or any other resource because our listings are geo located on a map of the World and you can sort our listings according to your own location to find the nearest resource, be that a mermaid, and merman or a Mermaid resort. 

What does a Mermaid Cost? 

That is a question to ask your friendly local Professional Mermaid Performer, The International Mermaid Directory makes it easy to connect with any of our listed Mermaids, Sprites, Fairies or Mermen. All you need to do is connect by using the “Contact Author” button on any listing to connect via a direct email. Or you can call Mermaids who have local phone numbers listed or possibly connect with them via the social network listings that they can add to any Mer-Directory listing.  You can bet that whatever the price for these performers time and travel that you agree upon, your experience will be unique and memorable.  

susanknightstudioHow can you document your special Mermaid event?

The Mer-Directory List offers a selection of Photographers and Underwater Video specialists who are familiar with shooting Mermaids in action!  Shooting Mermaids, mermaid events and underwater scenes involving sea creatures of this type is not a job for an amature. If you need a specialized water born photographer or videographer check the listings under Mer-Art in the International Mermaid Directory.

 How Do I get My Business Listed on the Mermaid Directory?

That is easy also! 

Simply click that Add Listing link in the main menu, where you will choose your listing option (Either a “Forever Free Mer-Talent listing or a MerDirectory 365 – Mer-Vendors, Art, Venues Etc. listing) (Please support the MerDirectory if you are a vendor venue or in the Mermaid Business). Where you can register and create your listing in the category of your choice.  If you are a Professional Mermaid or Merman, A Pirate, or a Nymph -Sprite – Fairie,  your listing on the MerDirectory will always be free.  We support your efforts to bring excitement and joy to the world with your very unique talents and know that you have invested a great deal to depict yourself as any of these creatures of mythology.

So, please use, enjoy, search and find your favorite Mermaids, Mermen, Mermaid Suppliers, Mermaid Costume and Tail Makers and so much more, here on the International Mermaid Directory!  

  1. Catherine Todd said on July 11, 2015 10:58 pm:

    Love this mermaid directory you’ve created… I had no idea there were so many talented and interesting people, groups, organizations, stores, artists and sales available. Can’t wait to attend some groups and parades, and learn the mermaid dance for myself! Swim fins, tails, can’t wait!