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Combining mermaids with the Tarot, pick your major arcana archetype (The Empress, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Fool, The Devil etc) and have a unique mermaid portrait of your self created!

isa Maria has been drawing people since before she could write her name.   Obsessed with the beauty of the human form,  she spent her childhood sketching her classmates and teachers, doodling fancy

Kaluta has worked for role-playing game companies such as White Wolf Publishing. He has done artwork for collectible card games companies, including a comic book for Wizards of the Coast’s Magic

Artist Tammy Derwick has been called the “Vargas of Mermaid Art”because of her distinctive style and approach in creating mermaid figures.  Each mermaid has a unique pose, style and perso

David Delamare’s mermaid artwork is known worldwide. His original oil paintings have been reproduced on giclée prints (on paper or canvas) posters, greeting cards, nightlights, and more.