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Thank you so much for swimming by if you are interested in hiring us for parties, meet & greets, photo-shoots, luau’s etc

Mermaids and merfolk in the Mid-Atlantic to participate in our merfolk activities, events, charities, photo shoots, swim parties

Aden is the first French professional merman. Aden is available for a shooting, a private party, a pool party, a night club, a movie, advertising, a water park, an aquarium, a birthday party… f

Mermaid Sasha is an underwater performer and professional Mermaid in New York. Sasha is featured in a highly realistic, molded, fully swimmable silicone Mermaid tail! This fantastic Mermaid can swim a

“The merman with a farmer’s tan.”

Hello everyone my name is Alexander Buratti and I’m a merman who lives in Rome, Italy.

When I was seven, my mom made me my first tail, out of an old pillowcase. Ten years later, I made my own, out of fabric. Five years afterward, I made another one, ten times better than the first. When

As a merman and pirate entertainer, Nalu brings value to photoshoots both wet and dry, fundraisers, marketing events, festivals, conventions, seminars, film, and commercials.

Merman Ryan was given the chance to become a merman thanks to Foxmoon’s Production’s Garnette.

Merman Aquarius is from Munich, Germany. Mermaiding I’ve been doing for summer 2013. I love it to swim with my Tail.

I am Merman Shawn. Aspiring entertainer, tail-maker, and conservationist.

Skyler is 28 years old, stands at 5’4″ and currently weighs 135lbs (soaking wet…lol) He has hazel eyes that change with mood and costume. He was born and raised in the desert of Las

Merman Maksim is a merman in training, Who has a love for the waters and creatures who swim in them

Hello all i’m a teen Merman Marinus of Puerto Rico and i have a big obsession with the Ocean that also includes Mermaids well soon ill have my merman tail!!!