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Orlando, Florida
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Not too many moons ago, I was born just outside the peninsula of what you humans call, “Florida”. The waters were warm, the sand was soft, the manatees were slow… you know, the usual stuff.

I spent most of my time swimming around the bays with my sisters, racing alongside dolphins and chasing the waves. We weren’t very careful with how we romped through the reefs, and one day after tipping over some surfboards, our father caught us and got mad. You see, we merfolk were warned to never interact with humans for the danger they might bring to our community. He believed that humans were bad because of the bad tides we’ve been having, and because the fish around our reefs have been swimming in strange patterns. Me and my sisters were sanded. (I guess that’s the same thing as, “grounded” to humans….) We were told to never go near the surface again, no matter what. 

… But I believed, deep down somewhere inside me, that humans were not all bad. From my adventures in the sea, I’ve seen many things that humans can do; amazing things that I couldn’t fathom humans, nor merfolk would ever be able to do. Between flying giant metal beasts in the sky to eating this miraculous food called,”pizza”, humans never ceased to mystify me. 

So one day, while I was meandering around the gulf, I discovered this … flower. Like many other things that I’ve found in the ocean, I’ve never seen the likes of it before. It glowed iridescent shades of gold, and sparkled when it was hit by the incoming sunlight from the surface. From the moment I touched it, I felt… different. I couldn’t tell what that feeling was, until one stormy night when the waves accidentally sent me ashore and beached me. 

I felt hopeless and a very long way from shore when the storm ended, but instead of drying out like a wrinkled old walrus, I grew legs where my tail used to be! 

Ever since then, life hasn’t been the same. I’m determined to learn as much as I can about the human community, and I’ll go wherever the spirit of the ocean needs me! 

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Mermaid Celeste

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Country United States of America
State/Province Florida
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