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September 5, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Mer-Directory Features and Use

Get the most out of your MerDirectory Listing! 


Mer-Talent listings on the International Mermaid Directory are Forever Free and have many features that Mer-Talent/Professional and Pro-Amature Mermaids, Mermen and Pirates should understand and take advantage of. 

Not only are these Mer-Talent listings Free Forever for qualified individuals but they also offer some incredible features.

  • Free descriptive html enabled listing on a directory of keyword dense, similar mermaid and merman listings, along with mer-vendors, mer-venues and mer-art. 
  • The ability to display any single YouTube video on your Mer-Talent listing.



  • Spam free contact author form. Simply by creating or claiming your listing, the emails go to your registered email and are not seen by spambots. ContactAuthor
  • Hard link to your website AND your social media pages
  • Social sharing links on every listing, your fans and you can spread your mer-Talent listing throughout the world with a simple click! 


  • Geo Located Directory – Users may search by proximity to their own location, if you are the closest “mer” or pirate, the user will be more likely to call you! 
  • ibusinesslogic_833Mer-Profile – be sure to completely fill out your profile when registering, or return after registering and complete your profile. Every listings author profile is displayed in the top left corner next to the listing. People like to know more about you, see your profile picture or avatar and know that you are a real person. 
  • Two different ways to get positive reviews.  The star system appears on your listing  AND on all ibusinesslogic_834category pages, including the home page (if your listing is featured on the home page or appears at random).  Use that Star system by getting your friends and family to visit your profile and rate your listing/services with a thumbs up and 5 stars!  –
  • Even better than that, you can ask for positive reviews at the bottom of your listing in the comments section.   Getting positive comments on your Mer-Talent listing will boost your page’s visibility in the search engines and help you to find more interested parties and events. We suggest that you use your current social media and other outlets to ask for great reviews on your Mer-Talent MerDirectory listing. 


    In this example (shown in the image to the right) of the venerable and beautiful Perla, AKA Caribbean Pearl, you can see that her listing has attracted nearly 3 times the number of views of other Mer-Talent listings, in the short time Perla has been listed on MerDirectory.  This view count puts her listing at the top in the right had corner of the page on the Mer-Talent category page just under the number one visited listing MagicTails.  Your listing can also be up there on any of the sub category pages, simply by asking for people to go see your listing.  Asking your fans to leave a star rating, and or review in the comments section will boost your listing even further.

All of these advantages / features and SEO apply to the paid listings on the International Mermaid Directory as well.

Please take advantage of this resource, promoting your Mer-Talent with a free resource like this is something that everyone who has the opportunity should take advantage of.  

Sharing your MerDirectory listing with your friends, family and social contacts not only will help you, and help add to the power of the link you have generated here to your own website or social profile, but doing so will help the entire Mermaid and Merman community.  Having one central directory available where all related “Mer” businesses , services, and talent can be found, has a huge potential impact upon each and every one who has chosen to be listed in that directory.  

So share and share alike, comment on and rate your fellow “Mer” listings, tell the world that you are Officially part of the MerDirectory and many more people will eventually find you and contact you through this one resource over the months and years to come! 

Fins Up!