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Jozef Szekeres is a published artist and comics co-writer and illustrator, and Disney animator of Ariel and Melody (The Little Mermaid: Return To The Sea), with over 270,000 sales of his works around

Just a Amateur Merman and freelance sculptor
+82 10-6760-3138

Merman Custom Gear ~ Seoul South Korea Freediving custom gear and freediving training/classes from Seoul South Korea

Mermagica create custom-made mermaid tails for swimming so you can become one of these magnificent mermaid. Dazzle your friends and family with your very own mermaid transformation!

Mermaids and merfolk in the Mid-Atlantic to participate in our merfolk activities, events, charities, photo shoots, swim parties

Custom made mermaid and mermen tails. When I was just thirteen years old, I created my company, Mertailor LLC, making mermaid tails, thus becoming an entrepreneur. Due to my strong passion for mermaid