Submit Mermaid Articles – Guest Author

merlogoFB1This is where you can add your Guest Mermaid Articles and stories and offer your mermaid “Voice” to the International MerCommunity !  MerDirectory hopes to have several contributors adding perspective about the Mer community and sport. You can create your own voice here and talk about your Mer Website, your mermaid products or your talents as a mer- professional. You will be able to upload images, add your content in a WYSIWYG editor and create your own Author profile. The Articles we would love to see here include:

  • Mermaid Tips
  • Mermaid Tail Buying Advice
  • Photos and stories of Mermaid Gatherings and Events
  • Mermaid Costume ideas and tips
  • Mermaid Myths
  • Reviews of your Favorite mermaid Venues/Locations